More Stabilizers (figures 1-8) Saw you guys were cranking out a few PVC stabilizers and thought I would share a couple of mine. Made this one today. Have one on my Bengal I cranked out last year. Just cant stay out of the shop, but hey it keeps me out of the honky-tonks.

PVC pipe cute to desired length in this case 5
Drill 5/16 hole dead center in one of the blind caps
Wallow out the hole slightly this will allow for a centered fit with the 5/16 x 24 bolt and nut assemblage
Slide in and make-up the 5/16 x 24 bolt with nut on outside of blind cap
Glue in with JB Weld
Once all of that has dried (overnight) then make up the blind cap with nut and bolt assembly to the PVC tube
I filled the tube with crushed walnut hulls I had laying around for polishing brass
Tap the side of the tube to get good compaction
Knock out some of the filler so that you can get the rubber plug in about a get a good snug fit and then trim off excess
Tape off the tube so that you can make a fillet of JB Weld to smooth out the square edges of the blind cap. This makes for a smoother transition from the cap to the tube body
I painted it with a low gloss textured paint

Pics below: Had a few more but only allowed to upload 6 or so. But you get the general idea.
Fig 1.JPGFig 2.JPGFig 3.JPGFig 4.JPGFig 5.jpg