Hello all,

I just purchased a 2012 Pantera Magnum with 70# limbs, Fury XT cam. Very nice bow! The only adjustments I have made to the bow are setting the draw length module to #3, which I believe is 29.5", and taking 2 turns off the limb bolts to reduce the poundage to roughly 65 (factory tag noted it was set at 71#).

As I have adjusted the draw length, the cam stop needs to be adjusted as well, but I'm not exactly sure where? I have read other posts on this, but it kinda seems unclear. If I loosen the draw stop on the cam, and draw the bow back, how do I know I have reached full draw for the 29.5" module setting when there is nothing there to stop the draw? It is possible that I could overdraw / underdraw a bit right?

Is there some way I can tell I have reached full draw for a particular draw length setting by looking at the string / cables on the cam when the bow is drawn, or perhaps some other method? I don't want to set the stop where I am overdrawing or underdrawing the bow. I don't have a draw board, but do have a hanging hook I could draw the bow with by pulling down.

This is my ony gripe about the bow, I wish there were correlating marks on the cam to adjust the stop based on the draw length setting. From what I have read, some folks adjust the stop back and forth a little off the "full draw" spot, but a factory draw stop setting for each draw length setting would be helpful. Maybe I am clueless on this, if so, I would appreciate your advice