Im only 30.

i had my left elbow injured (from shooting bow), but now in some recovery, and feel way way better. Once in a blue moon it just struck out of no way and feels the pain. At least i can strecth the arm and elbow freely now.

My right elbow injury just recently, NOT due to archery, from some serious vertical jigging. at a point while jigging, the elbow just jammed and hurt and i have to stop jigging and fishing for the rest of the day.
Doctor said i need to ice it everyday for 15 minute, 3 times a day, and NO NO NO fishing, archery, or lifting heavy stuff with the right hand. (Tats real s**k)
recovery "it all depend on yourself" some take years to recovery, some take months to recovery.

Sonny, u are right. if the muscle is pressure with the band, i feel no pain. if the posture or any movement without using the muscle, REAL pain.