Walked into my local pro shop and asked to see the Martin's, Butch told me they had a couple down by the end of the racks, they did, a couple of Martin FireCats and a Rytera Nemesis, neither would have serviced my draw length which is 3/16ths just shy of 31". Long story short, asked Butch to take me to the catalog and I ordered a Black Carbon Scepter V, over 9 bills with the tax. Sad thing is it may take months for Martin to deliver due to the fact that we rarely see a Martin representative in these parts. I paid the whole nut rather than to be scratching if it really does take Martin all that long when it comes time to setup the bow. Butch is a real Hoyt guy and of course he tried to sell me as the store is Hoyt and Matthews land. I am a Martin cat no pun intended but it works, lol. Even if I have to sand the burrs off the cams myself, mess with limbs(never have had to personally) I just love Martin and I am pulling for them to turn the corner and shine once more. I am eccentric like that. So if someone knows the Martin Representative for the Eastern right coast neck of the woods please give a holler and tell them I have a bow on order and am waiting for them to allow me to start busting X's.