If you could see me now, I just got a call from Hall's Arrows here in CT and they told me that Martin will ship my new Scepter V in 2-3 weeks so I am figuring a month which is cool because Brandon and KM Archery Hut emailed me the tracking on my second Rytera Seeker so one will come on Tuesday and the other Thursday of next week and I have a Diablo TD coming tomorrow.

I will have plenty of time to develop a good relationship with the Seekers before taking the Scepter into hand. The Diablo will be my mindless instinctual flinging arrows and hiking bow. Now my old bows can be handed down to others in the family as I sneak them in to the sport, lol.

I am seriously thinking of starting a youth archery club in my neighborhood as the kids here are just looking for something to do, and this old man needs to keep his irons in the fire. I was inspired by the person that recently mentioned training kids as his legacy, I don't clearly remember the thread or who started it but it made an immense impression on my heart.