Set it up, one limb bolt was a pain but clear the threads and got it together, chucked the plastic rest and put on a metal fingers flipper rest. More about that later. the riser, the limbs, wow. I had to take it to the range and test it, called my son, picked him up and off we went. I have shot only once in about a year and a half, new house, sick wife, couldn't make it happen. But back to this 62" TD. Looks hot, and is hot, so shooting it fingers this bow is powerful. I only got the #40 and this thing is just wicked. Wicked is the only way I know how to explain how arrows come off this. I wasn't going to but I don't see how I can continue to shoot this thing fingers, maybe somebody like Don whom shoots the ShadowCats fingers could handle this. I think I will put a d loop on it and a sight and let her rip with a release.

As far as the convenience of a Take Down this doesn't really excel in that department as one would have to keep up with all the parts to Take Down and put back together, but as a shooter she is well worth the inconvenience. WICKED! Did I say, WICKED!