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    And winter just won't give up. Two weeks ago, first outdoor 3D, and we had snow, cold and blowing. I sat it out. Today, 2nd 3D going on, and it's cold, 32 degrees, and the wind is giving the March blow. I'm chilled just looking outside. Think I'll set out another. But that's not the real reason. Virtually all my sidekicks of years past have given up 3D shooting for one reason or another. When we were all shooting only pour down cats and dogs would hang us up. My other sidekicks still shooting are "across the river" and shooting at other 3D clubs well east of me. So no one around the joy sort of goes out the door to get up and going.
    And I gots to rattle on.......
    No kidding about us shooting back then. We shot 3d with snow halfway up to our knees. So cold wasn't a factor either. If it was just sprinkling we were on the course. If a deluge came about while we shooting we kept right on shooting. And then we all met somewhere before a 3D and had breakfast. After a 3D we sat around shot the bull until we knew we had better get home (and we often late ). More, our shooting bunch had 2 priorities. 1) Shoot 3D and be serious about it. 2) Have fun. And we were serious, like destruction of the target was necessary (every arrow in the 10 ring) and destruction of someone's arrow made it even better (broken nocks, ripped fletchings, Robin Hoods). And then after the target was anilated you better keep track of your equipment, bow, arrows, everything and check everything. More than one us we would be looking for our arrows, especially the arrow shot in the target. The shot arrow might end up in someone's quiver or left in the target and only told so after back at the shooting stake or heading for the next target. And checking your stabilizer was a must. It might be loose or might not be there. Oh yes we did that. Leaving one's bow unattended was a risky thing. I mean, if all went to the target, fine, but if someone laid back you might be looking for your bow. And no one was given mercy. For a bad shot and wanting sympathy you'd be better off trying to get water to run up hill.
    Discussions took place of every nature. Yep, we had all the information needed to solve the world's problems. The only thing was, we didn't write them down. Comic punches and whatever were also lost. Had we a tape recorder we'd be rich beyond our dreams. Beyond doubt Jeff Foxworthy would have paid dearly for our comical goings on. Honest, Abbot and Costello and the 3 Stooges wouldn't have had a prayer going up against up.
    Today, all accept one of my sidekicks are too serious. Okay, I like them all, the one, DH is a walking comic. "You guys look like you're tired of shooting 12s. Where's the camera? I want a picture of that pinwheel 5. Keep that up shooting them 12s and I'm going to give you a size 12 Nike suspository."
    My more serious sidekicks are darn nice, but when too serious they sort of go off the deep end. And DH does a good job of hauling them back in. If they are bent out of shape over some shot or string of shots he will do something and it won't be nice. It's a "we will have fun or your dead meat." Now, if I could get DH to go to 3Ds west of me...We'd conquer the world.... Or at least boot Obama back to where he needs to go (me had to say that)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonny Thomas View Post
    .... Or at least boot Obama back to where he needs to go (me had to say that)
    Sonny, please keep your notes; there is a book in you just trying to get out. Great read this post, and the last sentence was like a cherry on top, Woo Hoo! LOL!
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