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Thread: What's your favorite camo pattern??

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    I agree guys, that there is no one pattern that fits all. I do have some other patterns for different things. But for me, the woodlands is a good general purpose pattern. It works well on the ground as well as in a stand. I don't have to be surrounded by green, as it has other colors as well.

    Fun story; elk hunting in Eastern Oregon, end of October, there are spots of snow, the grass is green but evergreens abound in in the Blue Mountains of Oregon. Heading back to the truck after a long hike and uneventful morning, my friend and I, both wearing BDUs in woodland cut across a meadow that is brown with the season. We hear the crashing of branches and the thump of approaching footsteps, so we freeze right where we are. A cow and a calf come running into the clearing and up to about 20yds from where we are pinned in the open. They stop, the cow is looking at us, smelling the air. I'm crouched and Travis was caught standing up a few feet behind me, but he's "hunkered" over a bit to distort his profile. The cow knows that something is there, the calf is genuinely curious, they both creep forward to about 10 yds. Neither Travis or I move a muscle. The elk know there's something there. They can't figure out what. As far as they can tell we're bushes in the middle of this meadow. After the longest 3 or 4 minutes ever, my legs are cramping and I'm pretty sure that there aren't any other elk coming behind them. So I stand up straight and wave my hand at them. Of course they bolted. Too bad there wasn't a bull lingering around, but it was a very cool experience that may not have happened if we hadn't been all camied up .

    I have a bunch of Mossy Oak as well, but feel like it tends to blotch at longer distances and turn into a big dark blob. I don't have any but REALLY like the ASAT camo
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