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Thread: What's your favorite camo pattern??

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default What's your favorite camo pattern??

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    I did just that three or more years ago. I was crawling around in a fresh cut windrow alfalfa field. My back was going out when some bucks moved on me. I thought they saw me and decided to move. I was beat up and in pain crawling on on that dried alfalfa stalks. I sat up on my knees and placed my bow in front of me to cover my face. While I was taking a breather...A bunch of Mulies jumped over from the State land over onto the private land i was on. They came right at me, Stopped to look at me...and they decided to check me out. The wind was blowing right at me. They came in from 120 yards to 19 yards. As they came in...I slowly moved into shooting position while still kneeling ( my knee's were killing me by this time). I kept the bow in front of me and when the buck turned side ways and snorted at me...I gave home the arrow and dropped him. Plain luck!. I was about to give up. I made sure not to make any fast movements.
    Excellent! Luck maybe, but the main thing is, you did it right.

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    For me, its whatever is on sale the week after deer season ends. Although I have to admit the jacket/bibs I bought from Cabela's is a little too green for the time of the year in Minnesota. I forget what the brand of camo is, probably Mossy Oak, but I think its a misprint because it's awfully green. But it was 80% off, very warm, and very waterproof. Plus if deer let me shoot them wearing blaze orange, I don't think they'll care if my camo is too green either.

    As far as blending into the area I'm in - Realtree AP always seems to be the best match - at least among the camo I own. But I only have a few warm weather jackets/pants in that.
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