Just received my B-day present from my family, it's a new Prochrono Digital 3800. I had an old one that I bought from a garage sale but it had an electrical short and was hit and miss and more miss than anything. My other was old school and this one seems hi tech. Any input on anything would help with this 3800. I had my other one tied to a small ladder but this one I'm going to Wally Mart to get a tri-pod stand. I had a lot of issues with lighting with the old one. Anyone use this type in a garage setting and was normally lighting ok. 1st thing is to Chrono the FC 400 with 452X cables and 8190 strings. Then shift to 8125 to see what they are shooting at w/ a 350g PSEXweave 200 arrow vs a 420g Easton Axis 340 arrow.

Thxs Tosi