First, I wanna give a big shout out and thanks to HawgEnvy for giving me the help I needed to do this project...

The SlayR I bought was a little dinged, scratched, in better terms-put through its paces. I decided a little facelift for it couldnt hurt, plus Im obsessed with the black riser/camo limbs combination. The whole shi-bang cost me 15$ and about a full day's worth of work But anyhoo, here is my finished project.

Note: im gonna post the pictures in order of my process with a brief step by step

1.) I started with tearing the bow down to the bare riser

2.) The longest part for me, I used painter's tape and taped off all the holes for the sights, rest, stabilizer, limb pockets, and whatever else I wanted to keep camo (required a few beers afterwards)

3.) I did a brief sanding with 600 grit paper, just enough to take the luster off and rough up the original paint