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Thread: Limb Failures/Carbon verses?

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    This is the sort of information I was hoping to see following this thread. Not into speed here just accuracy a quiet bow and a little energy is always nice. I am shooting 10 gr/in at 54lbs and with that heavier arrow the Bengal and my Silencer are stealthy quite at release. Thanks again for the insight.

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    Just finished installing his sights and stuff, had to reserve the string and he put a dozen shots on it, hopefully we can stand up in the wind to shoot a little bit. Arrow weight is NOT the issue, 50lb bow shooting a 400 spine arrow at 400 grains. We'll just keep track of the limbs like a hawk for awhile. Total love this bow but if it shreds another set of limbs? I may buy the riser from him and contact Barnesdale for some limbs.

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