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    Sonny Thomas

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    Just got off another forum and the discussion of cam lean. Most might know I could care less..unless excessive. And then I like longer ata bows and they don't seem to suffer cam lean as do shorter ata bows. Longer of ata and cam doesn't get all that much more at full draw just because of the longer ata. Okay, the angle of the cables doesn't get all that much more steeper. Most all the Hoyts I shot had floating yokes. When I used static yokes I did correct for cam lean, but saw no difference in accuracy or tunability. My last Hoyt, a ProElite, had four set of strings, Fuse (2 sets floating yoke), Dakota and M&R. The nice thing about the floating yoke was I didn't even consider cam lean, no worries whatsoever as it was there and nothing to do about it unless I tied in the floating yoke, which I never did.

    Why I care less about cam lean;
    My retired Ole War Horse, a 2000 Hoyt UltraTec with Red Line cam (single cam) with ata of 38 1/2". It is a nightmare if considering cam lean. It also has the floating yoke cable. It is also the factory overdraw built riser. I have a picture in here, somewhere. The 4" vane sits right between the prongs of the QuikTune 3000 rest.
    Top wheel leans opposite of the bottom cam. Straight edge across the top wheel is approx. 1/4" left of the nocking point. Straight edge across the bottom cam is right 3/8" right of the nocking point. A real nightmare, right?

    Don't try to challenge the Ole War Horse bow. Some 40+ 3rd or better finishes and one 2nd place finish in the IAA Field State Championship. If I remember correctly I cleaned both the 80 and 70 yard Walk ups of the Field/Hunter courses. I do rmember JA nearly Robin Hooding my arrow in the X of the 70 Yard Walk Up in the Hunter Round. Of the Championship I had to "detune" the old bow as 280 fps was the then NFAA speed limit. The last time I used it was in a Indoor Darchery event. 7 shots got me the 301 and the win (then cranking 295 fps).
    So long as a bow is mechanically sound it will repeat each and every time. Which means error can be corrected... Well, exception would be the shooter
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