I am confused about the handicap card and what I am supposed to do with that, there is a local tournament (translated anywhere in the state of Connecticut) in about 8 days so hopefully I can be ready for that. I am not sure if I can make it through a whole two rounds but I am going to give it a try. Will probably only shoot old arrows. I tried out my two Seekers today and they both group precisely now I just have to get them on the X. Can't focus on pictures yet while I am fine tuning. I do not understand how people can discount and not seek out bows like the Nemesis, FireCat, Pantera, Onza. Unbelievable! I see little that impresses me like my Seekers. Any person that has an archer's heart has got to love the bow. It is fun to watch the guys in the bow shop, act cool when they really what to give them a try. Anyone that shoots them is impressed. I guess the same mentality that got Obama elected even a second time is present in the archery world. Glad I am set free to blaze my own trail.