I always like to have a backup bow ready to go during hunting season, especially while on a trip. Needed it for the first time last Fall in Ohio when I noticed a small split in the upper limb of my '08 Moab. Been thinking of getting the new Alien but held off to hear some reports, not in a hurry; but I still need an extra bow for my upcoming turkey trip. So I dusted off my old Altitude and started shooting it, remember why I never got rid of the bow, this tiny thing just shoots good; have some robin hoods with it. Had put new strings on it a few years ago but still had the old rest, sight and stab. on it, so I decided to swap the stuff from the broken bow: Sword Twilight Hunter, Ripcord w/ Martin Lock Mount and a Posten stab. Set it up to shoot the same arrows I'm using now and it was even better; not sure I want a new bow: small, light, I really liked stillhunting with this bow.

How many bows fit in your lap:

I Like the Lock Mount, no worries, very stable; no longer in production:

Had several first kills with this bow: buck(and deer), bear, fall turkey, coyote.