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Thread: How much do you have into your setup....?

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    Default How much do you have into your setup....?

    I have only $230 into my Ridge Hunter setup.
    Nap Pro 3000 Rest
    Vital Gear 1100 spike sight
    Alpine 5-sof loc quiver
    Shoots bullets!
    I need a new string, which i will get soon from Hutch, that will run around $60.

    I'm just amazed at the masses spending upwards of $1000-1400.00....

    My inexpensive setup gets the job done by far...

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    Quictune 750: 40$
    Hoyt pro stab: 60$

    So about 100$ for my scepter V.

    But I know what you mean, I see people with huge amounts of gear on their platform at my local archery club. I don't get it either.
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    I don't even want to think about it.
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default How much do you have into your setup....?

    It's matter of choice. Want the best, you pay for the best. Yep, nice to drive to your hunting spot in a new 4 wheel drive muscle truck, but you also can get there with a beat up Chevy S10.

    Martin has had two great target bows over the last 4 years, the Shadowcat and Scepter V. Both at a price of $800 plus. Tack on accessories of desire and investment can climb to over $1500.00 easily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WildWilt15 View Post
    I don't even want to think about it.
    Same ... seeing that I have 2 as of right now :/
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    $200 for the IM loaded plus the $60 I spent for a Trophy Ridge Drive sight and $10 for a Cobra Diamondback drop rest.

    $150 for the Bengal loaded w arrows and quiver and hard case, release

    Same for an '11 Exile that will be here soon

    New strings on IM and Bengal from Hutch when I refinished both bows at less than $30.

    So far I'm under $700 for 3 completely set up, awesome shooting bows
    '14 ChillR 28.5"/74# Extreme Recon sight,Schaffer Opposition rest,LS modular stab, Beman ICS Hunter 340

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    80 for the ccs
    25 for the quiver
    105.00+300 i paid for the bow.405.00 ready to rock

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    Well lets see,

    $550 Onza
    $120 arrows/doz with tips and fletchings
    $110 case
    $89 new strings from Hutch
    $75 release
    $70 sight
    $60 broadheads
    $50 stabilizer
    $50 rest
    $35 quiver
    $10 peep

    $1219 total, not including taxes or my maintenance supplies, adds up don't it?
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default How much do you have into your setup....?

    Hey, lets not forget our acquisitions of years. 4 Sure Locs, 5 scopes, 3 Super peeps, tons of standard peeps, 1 dozen arrows for each of 3 bows and a few dozen arrows in reserve, 5 stabilizers, couple dozen of "gots to haves," half dozen or more arrow rests, extras of everything we might need, and..... ???

    In my truck; one hard back brief case full of arrows rests, one hand carry bag full of something, one 2 pound coffee can with assorted field points, one tool case with tools to set up a bow,
    one Chronograph, Dremel tool, drill, one Martin fletching jig, one Jo-Jan fletching jig, 500 ? new assorted fletchings, 3 tubes of glue, misc. tools, Electronic weight scale..... My finger are cramping....

    And that in my bedroom (at least 3 catch-all trays full, one bow on the wall and one...two under the bed), and in my garage (one...three bows, one older Apple bow press, 6 or 7 dozen arrows...???, and what I have at the shop (TX4 Pearson, magnetic grain scale, couple dozen arrows, misc tools, and...).

    Two fully equipped target bows and one...make that two fully equipped hunting bows....
    Heck, I got enough in my bow case to darn near fully equip another target bow.

    Hey, I can start my own archery shop

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    I have about $600.00 into my setup for my CougarFC, not including my arrows, releases and hard case.

    This was the least expensive of my setups in a long time. The last couple of bows I had bought were both about $800.00 bare bow. My 2001 BowTech Black Knight2 in 2001 full setup cost me about $1200.00.

    A person doesn't need to spend that much, it just depends on what you are trying to do. In 2001 I was trying to push the speed up as high as I could while staying shootable and huntable. Now I just want comfortable and simple.

    My hunting vehicle is a 1995 Ford Conversion Van.


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