Still got receipts, But I got three bows, a rytera, a martin and bear.

I spent a lot of cash my wife is pissed! lol. I'll just speak of my new 2013 Alien.

Not including the price of my the bow, so far I got;
peep sight- $7
spot hogg 7 deadly pins- $202
NAP Carbon rest - $110
NAP Black stabilizer- $39
total $358 not including tax, so more like $400.

This is not including my trigger- $110
new target- $169
6 more new arrows, Gold Tip xt hunters- $51.46
nockturnals- $24.99
just need a wrist sling and I'm complete for now. I like to buy stuff new I don't like used just my preference. I just know what I got no worries.
My total is around $1853.45, not adding my sling price not added. Price makes me seem stupid to pay all that but it was worth it. TAX is what kills you. Thats just one bow I don't want to price my Alien X probably in the same ball park.