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Thread: 2012 Bengal idler serving?

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    Default 2012 Bengal idler serving?

    2012 Bengal use idler serving or not. The older ones didn't! what about the new ones?

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    Mine has it ... not 100% sure if it is necessary or not. Doesn't show much if any wear and I'm sure when I get my drawboard set up I'll be able to adjust any lean out of it that I'm not able to do without it.
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default 2012 Bengal idler serving?

    Well, Hutch, beings you got time to wonder Build a set bow string both ways and check "getty up and go."
    I don't know what Martin claimed or claims, if anything, of the benefits of not having the string served over the idler wheel. For 2008 Pearson once claimed some 10 fps gain for the served string. Now, this was with the TX4 with Z7 cam. Seems the Z7 cam would take off so fast that the string would slip instead of spin the wheel. Slip means friction and friction slows stuff.

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