I have a homemade pvc stabilizer which is weighing in around 5 ozs. I thought it was working fine, groups had tightened up with a few still having a 'mind of their own'. A friend offered me to try his extra "real one", when I picked it up, I swear it must have been close to a pound, maybe even more. He wasn't really sure of the weight as it was bought used. It was 8", same as mine.
I was surprised I didn't noticed the extra weight at full draw, which I was able to hold for over 30 sec, with almost no wobble.
Shot 6 arrows...killed 4 vanes, and almost a Robin Hood.
Shot another 6....close to the same thing!??

What's my point you ask...can you have too much/little weight when it comes to a stabilizer? Or is it more personal preference?

Thanks, Keith