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Thread: Ca. State indoor results

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    Default Ca. State indoor results

    The CBH finally got the results posted for the state indoor, I shoot Adult Male BH.
    I tied for 2nd, but I lost out because lower X count (1). I will take 3rd sence I am not really an indoor shooter.
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    Don, 367 just might be a pretty good score. I don't know any more as I haven't competed in a long time and never in your class. I know hitting that 3" gold isn't the easiest thing in the world as I get older. I still practice it a lot with a compound. I never keep score as I rarely get a chance to finish half a Vegas round. The kids and less experienced shooters keep me busy coaching and tweaking equipment.

    I've got a little girl I've been coaching for about a year now and she decided to shoot indoor league this year--about half way through the season. She shoots Cadet Bowhunter Release with a pin sight. In her first shoot she scored 265. It's been nothing but uphill since then. She started shooting in the mid 300's and set herself a goal of 400. She hit 411 with two shoots to go. I made some equipment changes to her bow and it worked well. Her last shoot she scored a 474. She has expressed a lot of interest in shooting our state indoor championships next year. Our state shoot for this year is tomorrow and Sunday and she's going Sunday to observe what it's all about.

    I told her 500 isn't far off, but that will have to wait. Indoor season is over and with the weather warming a bit it's time to get her sighted in and shooting some 3D, something she's never done before. Tomorrow is the big day with a 40 target course. I walked the course today and there are a couple shots I won't let her make and I expect to keep her within 25 yards till she learns the ropes. No need to lose arrows to prove she can miss, although I expect very few misses.

    I always look forward to working with her as she listens very well. I might not even carry my bow tomorrow. I feel like a very lucky man. It's not many 65 year old men who can have a 9 year old girlfriend, as my wife refers to her.
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Ca. State indoor results

    Hey! Congrats! 3rd with 40 some in class! Dang good shootin'.

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    Great job Don B.

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