I just posted this on AT. But since she's a Martin here as well.
This is my set up so far, I know the pics not very good its from my phone (evo 4glte).
Its my 2013 Martin Alien, 69.4# DW (70#), 29" DL, Black Carbon finish. It has a black peep site, BCY D-loop, Martin string silencers. The sight is a Spot Hogg 7 deadly pins with a rheostat light. The rest is a NAP Black Carbon Apache, stabilizer is a NAP 8" black Carbon Apache. Wrist sling is neoprene-some bone camo.
I'm not done yet, I'll be putting on a Spot Hogg scope lens soon with the visor, new strings once these begin to wear (Winners choice) all flo-green 8190 extremes. The bow is quiet enough I wont put no more dampeners on her, shes got three VEM's. I'm shooting gold tip xt hunters so far with flo-green nockturnals. I'll be getting some victory VAP's with perpetrator 2's soon. She shoots nice, quick but not blazing fast, again I'll chrono asap. When I'm finished dialing her in I'll be shooting hopefully 80 yards. Well there you go!