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    Default More PVC Stabilizers

    More Stabilizers (figures 1-8) Saw you guys were cranking out a few PVC stabilizers and thought I would share a couple of mine. Made this one today. Have one on my Bengal I cranked out last year. Just can’t stay out of the shop, but hey it keeps me out of the honky-tonks.

    · Ύ” PVC pipe cute to desired length in this case 5 ½”
    · Drill 5/16” hole dead center in one of the blind caps
    · Wallow out the hole slightly this will allow for a centered fit with the 5/16” x 24 bolt and nut assemblage
    · Slide in and make-up the 5/16” x 24 bolt with nut on outside of blind cap
    · Glue in with JB Weld
    · Once all of that has dried (overnight) then make up the blind cap with nut and bolt assembly to the PVC tube
    · I filled the tube with crushed walnut hulls I had laying around for polishing brass
    · Tap the side of the tube to get good compaction
    · Knock out some of the filler so that you can get the rubber plug in about a ½” get a good snug fit and then trim off excess
    · Tape off the tube so that you can make a fillet of JB Weld to smooth out the square edges of the blind cap. This makes for a smoother transition from the cap to the tube body
    · I painted it with a low gloss textured paint

    Pics below: Had a few more but only allowed to upload 6 or so. But you get the general idea.
    Fig 1.JPGFig 2.JPGFig 3.JPGFig 4.JPGFig 5.jpg

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    Well done!!

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    Very nice job Plainsman.

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    Looks great. What do you think the weight is? Or is it more for vibration?
    I made one a couple months ago, but it wasn't heavy enough (came in just under 5oz). Think I'm going to add some weight in the end. Used a friends that weighed about a pound and it worked quite well.
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    I'm thinking less than 10. I put a MaxJax on the end just behind the front blind cap so it's really more to take some of the forward vibe out. I will try and get a pic of it on the bow when I get back to Houston.
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    MaxJax installed.
    Satab 2.jpg

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    Thumbs up Finished product looks...


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