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Thread: gun control

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonny Thomas View Post
    What really is standing in Obama's way is screwing with a $30 billion industry. Rip guns and a whole bunch of tax dollars is lost and some will a lot of jobs, both firearms and hunting.
    With the Defense Budget cuts that have been made, OSHKOSH TRUCK, a major company in the area that I live, announced that they will be laying off about 900 employees by this July. Of this, 200 would be office and 700 plant people. They reported that the "defense" plant will be closing. Oshkosh also makes fire trucks and other heavy vehicles and employs about 3,000 people. That means that one third of their work force will be cut.

    If you think that is bad, think about the other companies in this area and other places around America that support the business. Everything from nut & bolts to sheet metal and welding supplies, tires, tools etc.

    Colt pulled it's AR15 manufacturing from Connecticut and moved it to Texas and most likely the rest of the business will follow in the future. Magpul says it is moving it's manufacturing from Colorado, they make large capacity magazines. Barretta is moving it's facilities out of Maryland because of gun laws in that state.

    They don't care ... disarm the citizens, beat them down until they need to rely on the government for everything. That's what this administration is all about.


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    You're right, the arms industry is huge, and mostly smaller companies make up the whole. Some major players have been pulling together, making a combined front against the democrats. Even Remington is debating moving from New York to someplace more arms friendly, and they've been there forever! In short, they don't realize the strength of the dollar and the amount of financial pull the arms industry has, but they will. Not only will these companies move to states that are gun friendly, they'll stop sales to armed forces and police in unfriendly states...
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    We need to have a "Million GUN March" on Washington, provided it's legal to carry an exposed sidearm, or concealed carry in D.C. In Kansas here, we have concealed carry, but few people know it's entirely legal to carry an exposed weapon on their person. It can be in a holster, but can't be even partly covered by anything else. Baically has to be in a hip holster old west style, or something like that.
    Now, the one thing that gets me about all this is the Dem's. attempt to fool everyone. It's stated that a well regulated militia is neccessary to protect this country from foreign, AS WELL AS DOMESTIC threats. Sounds to me like they are trying to remove guns, because they know THEY are the domestic threat.
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