U guys thought i crawled off and died , well i almost did, never made it out at all to hunt last year, arm hert to much, was really bummed bout that,kinna thought i was gonna bounce back , nope, well 2 weeks ago was bored as all hell,finally broke the bow back out and hiked it up to bass pro ,was all hipped up to find out had a hour wait to get a lane, [ ammo shortage got the bow shooters out] hooked up after a long wait, shocked my self ,was wackin xs fer bout a hour ,then a instructor popped on to give a lesson,,he decided to let me take over ,man that felt good.wanted know if i shot on a league, said hell no, this was a good day, i really havent shot my bow since um july aug ,well anyhoot really had to stop shortly after that,could feel the pain creepin up, couldnt believe that i was still pullin70 lbs dang old bow shot great as always,as long as i do my part lol, kinna got the itch fer sat ,might get out and give it another go, really miss shootin , was so bummed finally found my old target thawed from the snow in the yard ,ps dogs ate it