I purchased a couple of bare Rytera Seekers from KM Archery Hut, the first one arrived on a Tuesday and the second one arrived on Thursday about a month ago.

When I setup up the first bow, (Images 1 & 2)the Tuesday bow and fired her, the handle moved forward at the bottom a good bit, (Images 3 & 4) fired again and she moved forward at the bottom again, fired once more and she moved forward just a wee bit. Unloosened the bolt and moved her back and she did the same thing subsequently, torqued her down with a hex socket, extension and ratchet and she did the same. Set her aside and set up the second bow no problems other than just getting the rest right. Came back to this last night and decided to unloosen the bolt and see exactly what I was dealing with.

1 Before Drawing Bow Handle is Even

2 Before Drawing Bow - Closeup

3 After Drawing the Bow Handle is Uneven 5/8"

4 After Drawing the Bow - Closep