My names's Sylvain, I'm french and I write for a friend who doesn't speak english at all, and who has a problem with his pantera.
A few month ago, there were a huge crack at drawing. Now, the upper limb is splitted / cracked on almost 3 inches.

What can I do??? Normally, Martin bows have a lifetime warranty, and this is a known problem on Panteras.... the archery where my friend bought is bow say the french 1 year warranty is over, so they don't want to help. I've written one time at Martin archery, and two times to Joel Clark... never had any reply too.

I've asked Joel what to do for the warranty, or even how much they would charge for a new set of limbs, in the case they wouldn't take them under warranty. At least I could understand he doesn't reply for a free set of limbs, but for paid ones...

So, can I considerate my friend's bow is still under warranty? If even yes, can I expect a new set of limbs for free (I can pay for shipping costs of course).
if even no, where could I buy a new set of limbs, and what would be the price inclueding shipping costs to France?

Any help would be very apreciated, as the problem lasts for several months now...