Weather broke and I got in a 3D! I will say I didn't shoot well. My bow was dead on....when I did things right and things didn't get in my way. Skimmed a tree branch (0 score) and then ducked to avoid a twig (5 points). Got stumped on this one deer (5 points) and totally confused I doubled what I thought I missed by and shot a 8! And four 5s! Lord! And then I called shots and make them!

And I thought; "Sonny, you done messed up." So the club Pres offered up the scores as I and LD were pretty much the last of the Adult shooters (45 yards max). Now get this, 12 counting; 1st place, 274. 2nd place, 273, 3rd place, 268 (yours truly). Unbelievable..... I figured I got my butt cleaned and I didn't think the course that tough. Now get this; 1st place is a 30 some year old kid I got started a few years back (so he owes me some points ). 2nd place is 65 years old, 3rd, me, 64 years old. LD may have been 4th and 62 years old.

There were a handful of sort of steep downhill shots where footing wasn't the best and that got me a 5.

Of course, I had fun. LD and I both figured this one deer at 37 yards. Both us drilled side by side 8s. Walking up to the target I offered my and congradulated him for us having the prettiest pinwheel 8 I ever saw. So we ran a slug of 10s in a row and 4 targets were 30 yards in a row. So I told LD; Watch. So danged easy and the next will catch us flat footed. Sure enough, we both shot 8s, his high, mine low.
LD says; I wish you hadn't had said that, about us getting caught flat footed.
So we are coming in and here is this old gentleman I dearly like, GA, and, yep, me did it; "Dang, LD, I up and thought this a respectable establishment and here just let anybody in the gate."