If any of you remember , I was having issues getting a 2013 alien in Mississippi , well I was able to purchase one about 2 hours from my house, a retired old man, who was willing to work with me . I got the bow with large cams because their draw range is from 27.5 on up. I believe the small cam was up to 27.5 or either 28. So either way I'm right on the line. Well I ordered the large cam cuz I figured if I hated the bow and wanted to sell it, I could plus it went down to 27.5, and I shoot a 28 inch draw. It was a real pain for this guy to set it up for me, it took hours , however it's not like he works on martins all the time he's a retired man who simply maintains his whatever to sell bows . Once he got it set up I noticed the top cam leaning to the right towards the cable slide, and it leans even more when I draw it . He told me that some bows have a yoke and a y cable to to equalize the the stress on the cam, he also told me that with a short draw my cam was literally maxed out. He told me even with his 50 years of experience , he will not mess the cam, even though he's a dealer , said if I have an issue ill just have to send it in. Ill upload some pics tomorrow so yal can see the lean, but its kind of discouraging to buy a new loaded out bow with cam lean out the box. However he told me the bow will shoot fine regardless and I shouldn't have a problem, but he also told me when he buys a bow and sees those issues he doesn't order any more of them, cuz there a pain in rear. I suppose I'm just stuck with it then.... What's you guys thoughts on this????