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Hey dz, I looked at the pic and I can see what your talking about. When I got time I'll post pics of my cams top and bottom to give you a reference. After looking at your pic I looked at my cams full draw and not, I do not have that type of angle "cam lean". I know I have been corrected about martins hybrid cams but mine does not look like that. I have the same bow and cams so all I can say is I don't know how to help you on this. I'm a noob to compound bows but I learn quick and I have been shooting for over a year now, I grew up with recurves. I'll have my chic take the pics for me and I'll post later today. Understand your frustration but I'm sure its an easy fix. I like my 2013 Martin Rytera series bow, quick not much hand shock, quiet and just looks plain cool. I got a bow mag with most top 2013 bows and the article stating the alien is the most advanced bow ever made.
I meant by Martin!