I feel like there is a thread for this somewhere, but honestly didn't want to dig it up and starting clean never hurts Anywho ... Posted a couple times about considering an arrow swap for the coming season. I tend to go through almost a dozen a year it seems and I'm almost to that point with my last batch of GT Velocity (300). I found that my Bengal tuned better with the .300 spine vs the .400 and so I'm planning on sticking with the .350-.300 range. I was able to diddle with a trial of OT2 shaft selector and showed optimal spine was .340s - so that got me to looking around at what arrows would fit the bill and possibly allow me to shave some weight and pick up a little more juice.

Now I know there are guys out there that say you HAVE to have a 400+ gr arrow to shoot deer and I just laugh at it. With my ranges that I know I shoot, I'm plenty comfortable with a "lighter" arrow. I put 2 solid pass throughs at 20 and 30 yards with the Cheetah shooting 60# and a GT Velocity 400 that probably weight a touch more than 330gr. With the Bengal, I'm pretty confident I got a bit more push behind them arrows to get the job done.

I'm thinking I might just pick up a half dozen of whatever new arrow I pick up just to see how well they shoot and if I like them so I'm not out more money. If all is well, grab 6 more. So here is where I've come to in my search ... what does everyone think - if they've had experience with any of the shafts or would recommend based on what you've seen/heard/etc.

(All finished weights based on 27.5" shaft, might be able to go shorter, and corresponding components with 100gr points/bh. Need to do some more fine tuning with the Bengal in draw length etc once I get my elusive draw board built. All will be within 5gr per pound draw weight. Current arrow weight approx 385gr)

Victory VForce HV 350 - 6.8gpi - finished weight approx 325gr
Gold Tip Velocity 340 - 8.2gpi - approx 363gr
Black Eagle Arrows Carnivores - 7.5gpi - 346gr
Bloodsport (Muddy) HT2 - 7.9gpi - 353gr

From what I've seen so far, the BEA are going to be the most pricey (+$20-$25/half dozen) of the bunch. The others pretty much run about the same +/- $5/half-dozen. If I'm missing another arrow with similar spec, post it up and lets have us a chat