Bob, I think it depends on the deer and the broadhead. Seen deer run forever shot through the heart, cleared a 40 acre field before it stopped. And then shot this doe in her bed. She jumped up and went right back down in her bed. I also shot a doe straight through and she jumped off about 10 yards and stood there wondering what went on. Yep, stood right there and bled to death.

Broadhead of good cutting quality for big hole in and out is hard to beat, lets the hot blood out and the cold air in, so to speak.

Yotes, about as weird as animals come. Dropped this dog right in his tracks with a .22 rifle. And then drilled this dog yote twice with a .30/006 and he ran forever. Looked like one of the horror movies, blood everywhere. We couldn't follow on his trail in the tall grass because there was so much blood. Me and my wife tracked that sucker for over 2 miles and never did find him.