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    Is it possible to change the complete camsystem on a martin bengal to a dual/hybrid cam sytem??

    Would I need custom strings (length)?? Could I use other than martin cams to do this??
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    Hey I been thinking the same thing. Good question. Waiting.....

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    It is possible, but is also expensive unless you can find used cams at a good price. And yes you would need custom strings, perhaps even new limbs to hit the draw weight you'd want...
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    Quote Originally Posted by joelc View Post
    A complete cam set and strings retails at $ would likely pay much less at most shops but it would still be significant. could find the oldest, most broken, outdated Martin bow from a pawn shop or yard sale for $10-$20...give me a call at 800-541-8902. I can offer you up to $175 trade in credit towards a 2012 Silencer with nitro cams and you'd be looking at a brand new bow for $375 + shipping.
    From a similar question asked about a Silencer Fury to Nitro swap.
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    You could also find an older Martin with the dual/hybrid cam system that you want and strip the parts from it to make the swap, most times for less that a set of new cams would cost.
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default experiments

    A Martin/Martin Frankenstein bow! Yep, sure can, but like another noted, expensive if going with new cams and strings.
    My base Frankenstein bow, a Kodiak Bow Logic 36 was already in hand, paid for. The Pearson Z7 cam system I got free. Custom strings had to be made, this being somewhat of a trial and error thing. Cost of the custom strings was over $100.00.

    The Bengal has been a stand out Martin bow for as long as I've started messing with them, 2008. But for sure the new super nice Bengal would be even nicer with dual cams, but then just a FireCat.

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