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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Muddy Virtue Arrows

    Not overly energetic, but got out to try my Virtue HT3s again, I set these up first with Muddy's 100 gr glue-in points and they proved darn good. So messing around checked of FOC. It was a bit more than my HTA HT3s and I run these light of FOC, about 6%. So I tried the new 80 gr glue-in points from Muddy. And again FOC was more than the HTA HT3s. So I got to looking and the new pin bushings are different. The new glue-in points are also different, longer. Brain dead I guess because if the points are longer back in the shaft I'd think FOC would be lighter. Heck, I don't know.

    Anyway, all put together the 80 gr points made the Muddy HT3s weigh the same as my HTA HT3s.

    So I tried the new arrows from 30 yards, no warming up, and one was a tad low, but in the bull's eye and the second clipped the X ring at 10:00.
    Wind began howling. Mercy, it was flat gettin' with it. So I moved up to 20 yard and the first couple of shots were grabbed by the wind, corkscrewing and flying sideways something awful.
    I let the wind die down from then on and the Virtues flew true and true enough a vane was half stripped. So I took off the loosened vane and shot it. High corner of the X. I shot the second arrow and it was right with the 2 vane arrow. And I've done this so many times, purposely removed a vane and hammered the X ring.
    So the arrows proved good and may get used this year. Got enough HTA HT3s to last for a while.
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