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    Sonny Thomas

    Default FireCat input needed

    I have person asking of the FireCat 400. He related of hearing the FireCat 400 being troublesome for tuning and he has two FireCat 400s that just won't tune. I understand he has contacted Brandon and Joel and they told of not having a real answer. Bow there and all of us here, it's hard to pin point a problem. I understand a time frame is a issue also, shipping and whatever. I have questions put to him, but slow going is trying this or that and turn around time.

    So I have never heard of tuning issues for the FireCat or the FireCat 400. I've never had tuning issues with Martin CatCam bows and they are all CatCams just improved. Personally, I never cared for the FireCat, but all that I tuned shot great....I only had one FireCat 400 to work on and I treated it just like any other Martin. It shot great.

    So the question; Has there been issues of trouble tuning the FireCat 400 and what were any corrections or whatever to correct the problem?
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