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    Default Got it all together

    Got my Cougar FC pro together and its shooting GREAT! I put on a NAP Apache and a TRUGLO pendelum site and a 1/4 inch flo green peep. Went to braodhead tune today and slapped on the magnus and BAM! No adjustment needed. They were hitting exactly where the field tips hit. The picture is of field tips at 20 yards off our back deck. 5 months until deer season!!!!!

    Man I hate Martin stopped making the Cougar! Its a sweet shooting bow.
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    I agree Hawk, I was disappointed to see the Cougar FC go away. I love the riser, I love how they shoot, and would have one in my stable if I had the extra cash to pick one up.

    Great shooting! We've got lots of time to practice before deer season, but man it seems to take forever to get here doesn't it? LOL
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    Now that's a shooter!!! Congrats on the mighty fine bow!

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