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Thread: Presley's First Annual Indoor 3D

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Presley's First Annual Indoor 3D

    Thought I had this in here, but couldn't find it.

    Presley's Outdoors in home the biggest Indoor Tournament in Illinois and has been running for a handfull of years. Max number of shooters is around 275 as that's all they can handle. Some big names take in this Indoor event, Chance Beaubuff one of notables. Kevin Koch, ASA Pro and ASA Rookie of the Year a couple of years back and many more.

    Now, Presley's has started a Indoor 3D Tournament. 30 Rinehart targets, counting center 12, 10, 8, 5 and 0 scoring. To get to the Shoot Down there are 3 Qualifiers and the 2 best are taken for moving to the Shoot Down. There are only 2 Divisions, Money and Trophy. No classes, no age groups, no nothing. It's a "shoot what ya brung." Each Qualifier is $20 for Money and $10 for Trophy as is the Shoot down round.
    Of the Shoot Down, it is a "head to head" competition thing. Both divisions are broken down, one half at 8:30 am and the second half at 10:30 am. As I understand the top two shooters of the first half then shoot it out with the top two shooters of the second half to detrimine 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. I would guess the Money Division is the same way.

    Well, I shot the first Qualifier and placed 6th. I shot the 2nd Qualifer and my then average ranked me 7th. I shot the 3rd Qualifer and of course I had equipment failure, my 3rd ever and then average ranked me 13th.
    Now for the "head to head" thing. I have never shot this type event, the head to head part anyway. You are paired with another shooter, so it's a one against one thing and several pairs shooting it out.
    I was paired with EJ and we shot darned descent. EJ shot 8 up for a 88 and I shot 4 up for a 84. Our scores beat every one else in the second around. I had gotten a Bi and EJ had gotten a Bi. Regardless of shooting second high overall score, I was eliminated after the seond row.

    There was this awesome kid, 12 or 13 maybe. He was eliminated on the next to last Shoot Down. The little tyke shot a 77. EJ, who I shot against moved to the final Shoot down, winning with a score of 80.

    I left after the second half was about half done. I was done from getting up at 5:00 am and driving the 30 miles to Presley's. I and packed it in and went home. So I don't know how the Trophy Division finished.

    Lucky me did get a door prize, a Trophy Taker X-treme SL - full capture drop rest. So the door prize was worth a bit more than my entry fee.
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    Nice Rest, so somehow you came away a winner.
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Presley's First Annual Indoor 3D

    Peace, for the $40 total entry fee and four 60 mile trips I came out well ahead.
    Got to meet some darned nice people - priceless.
    Ratchet jaw with those I knew - forgot my knee boots though.
    Shot at the best Indoor 3D range ever.
    And the Trophy Taker X-treme, a $50 prize.
    Total - Outstanding......

    The only down side, I don't like the thought of shooting one of the best scores put up and see others with lesser scores advance.
    Shooting wise, I felt pretty good with two 8s, two 10s and four 12s.
    Only one target sticks in my mind, the last, a turkey I shot for 32 yards. Just didn't give it enough gas. It fell not 1/8" low of the 10. Had I added another yard I might have had the 12 and tied Eric with a 88.

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