As most of you know I bought a destoyer a little while a go and was not happy with it some ask for a review at the time it seemed like I was fighting the bow and the feel was not there so I put it up for sale. so today wale last night I took the destoyer back out of the box set it back up today was the nicest today that I had to shoot it I changed stabilizers moved the draw stops and changed arrow to a lighter spine and the bow felt so much betterand grouped better, I think shooting it for the first times in the cold, wet and windy days may have been a factor, I set up my chonogragh 315 fps with a 348 gr. 60 lb 29" draw so for now I keeping it and I keep my onza on one wall and the destroyer on the the opposite wall didn't know if I should keep them that close together LOL
bowtech speed.jpg