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Pretty much archery hasn't changed as much as some people think or the younger group realize. There is no free ride. Speed is a matter of stored energy. Work in results in work out. You want a fast bow you have to work harder at it, all things being equal. Some people today ask for smoother drawing bows. That means a softer cam and the rsult is less speed, pound for pound. They so hung up on having to draw a certain poundage. They don't understand that in many cases you can shoot a harder cam at up to 10 lbs less draw weight to achieve the same speed as the softer cammed bow. This makes the harder cam seem a lot less aggressive and easier to draw, and with less draw weight the shoulders, elbows and other joints will last a lot longer.

This is America where bigger or more is always better. The younger generations have been sold a bill of goods and eat it up, thinking they are less manly if they are shooting something comfortable. It's speed at all costs and this translates into Kinetic Energy for the hunting crowd. People have lost the idea of what archery is about----accuracy. Some will say they can shoot a 70 or 75# bow all day. I say, "Go shoot a field round and tell me honestly if your last shot was as good as your first one". OK, so they don't shoot field. Just shoot about 150 arrows then over the course of about 3 hours.
I agree bfisher on the poundage, speed and kinetic energy. I got a 2010 alien x which I thought was 2011, well the bow maxes out at 72.6# I can pull it easy but after 30 to 50 shots I'm shakey and my accuracy is bad. So I turned it down to 65.2# easy to pull back more accurate and I can shoot longer, equals more fun, my shoulder may last longer now. My new Alien is 69.4# its ok to pull but i may turn her down too for accuracy purposes. I may loose a little KE but my shoulder will last.

"Sonny Thomas" I shot many "newer" Bowtechs I like the bows, the experience mainly but I got my 2013 Alien instead. I liked the way the exp. shot I may buy one soon but that doesn't mean I don't like my Martin or Rytera. I like both companies since I'm from Washington State Martin and Bowtech are local to me.

Have fun shooting! my 0.2 cents!