Hi all and thanks bfisher for getting me into the club. Kind of like getting into an exclusive fraternity; thought someone had blackballed me for a week or so! Anyway, after about twenty years away from shooting a bow, and some minor heart problems; minor, I guess, I'm still alive, decided to get back into it as a personal hobby. So, knowing I'm a little weaker and a lot older now, and beings my last bow was an eighty pound pull, thought I'd best drop back from that quite a bit, so bought a seventy pound pull PSE Vendetta. Well, I can't pull that sucker anywhere near comfortably dropped back to sixty pounds! Then, a year or so later, come up with the bright idea of getting a highly adjustable, less expensive bow; PSE, of course, so I could start low and build back up, and their Rally would fit my bill so far as weight and length of pull adjustment; I have about a 32 inch draw but always shot an inch or so short of that for all the reasons a lot of people do/should. So, while searching for the right deal on a PSE Rally, I came across the Martin Fury XT cam. Then, while trying to decide between the two, PSE or Martin, happened upon your forum, which I've been lurking and studying on for a month or so now. Seems a nice lot, so I went with a 2012 model Martin Cougar with the Fury XT cam, which I've had now for a week or so, shot it a couple dozen times. Sure seems sweet shooting, quiet and fast; but that's compared to bows twenty, thirty years ago! Sure is a short little guy! I went with the Martin Cougar model because a friend of mine had a Martin Cougar 25 or 30 years ago and it was quite nice. They've changed some; only about half as long and did you notice the riser is no longer made of wood?!

Anyway, because this may be the only thread I ever start here, I would like to ask some questions and, if I may, make some observations. You good folks won't have to put up with my ramblings much. I fear I have no 'expertise' to offer; more of a rank newbie, if anything.

Questions, in no logical order;

Need to replace the cable slide?

Bow says it maxed out at 74 pounds; lowered to the minus 10 peg and the limb bolts backed out six turns, may i assume it could even go farther as there are several threads still showing below the barrel nuts? May I assume Martin's warning to not back the bolts out more than five turns does not apply here? (I don't need to go farther, but just wonder) And, ABOUT how much weight does each turn lower the poundage? (I'll measure that, for sure, if and when I ever find my bow scale again)

The Fury XT is a 'true' single cam?

Martin's 'seeming' problems with limbs was before the 'power tough' limbs on this bow?

Useing my old under the jaw anchor point, my peep is seven and a half inchs above the center of my nock; need to change the way I anchor? (otisT, aka Harseface)

Set on the minus 10 peg, at the longest (I Think) draw length, I have the draw stop set all the way to the plus side. Safe? Read somewhere on here about how cams can be over rotated. Sure leaves a short 'valley'. The draw is just ever so little short of perfect; I understand I'll gain a half inch or so draw length when I get 'er back on the standard peg, which should be about prefect, btw. Fear I'll still have the short valley. I do wonder what the let off is with such a short valley.

This bow, most Martins, can be backed off enough with the limb bolts to be taken apart?

May I assume dead flat 0 (center shot and nock setting) is where to start in tuning this bow?

IF I have anymore questions, I won't bore you with ramblings! But, I'd still like to offer some observations;

Bowmaster, love it, will NOT press PSE Vendetta, even with limb adapters (though they are 'completely field serviceable'!). Don't cut a string out in the brush, folks! Short hundred mile round trip to a bow shop for me anyway; I was/will be my bow mechanic. Part of the fun, imho. Bowmaster works great on Cougar. Which reminds me; Martin's 'bow manual' is about worthless, and they don't have any information on line, that I can find. Like, well, all the questions I've asked above; how does one know what the heck let off their bow is set at, ect. Their manual is so lacking, I'd compare it to PSE's!
Put on 'Whisker biscuit' rest; don't hate it as bad as I thought I would, so far.
Martin's 2X4 quiver looks neat! Ain't installed it yet, probably won't for a long time, but it's mounting is trick and will, I'm sure, work well. They might ought to mention in ads and such, it's only for Martins.
Hammerhead strings seem very good; peep, with rubber, hasn't moved that I can tell and was put in before bow was shot at all; anybody else remember back when strings had to have stretch or they'd blow your bow up?

One more rambling, then I'll quit boring you good folks; when I check in on your Martin forums, there are generally from 30 to 50 people. I think a lot, like me, are looking for answers but are shy about asking the questions. To them; if you have a question, join up and ask it; one or a dozen. In a month, I've pretty well concluded these good folks are more than willing to share knowledge; they're anxious to do so and are proud of their Martin addiction. "What are you smokng?!"....... "Ahhh, ahh, Martin... really smokes!"

Thanks for your time, all;