Thanks again for the welcome and the replies, folks.

Yeah, may have to learn a new anchor; or not. We'll see how it shakes out.

elkslayer4x5, if I'd installed the inserts, I'd not admit it! lol.. No biggie, things happen... I'll figure out what best to use and how, and do my own from now on. Recovered one and have the others stored in my target. lol

bfisher, thanks again for getting me in the forum. Actually, I'm six foot twelve and a half inches tall... {:>) ACTUALLY used to be just short of six four. Miracle of Miracles!! Forty years later I'm now six one. But, using the finger tip to tip starting measurement, my wingspan is still just a tad shy of 80 inches. (insert gorilla joke here) Adjusted to and always shot around a 31 inch draw; saves on the forearm, avoids light coats without strapping them out of the way, ect. ect. I shouldn't be long getting back on the standard peg; gain a half inch to an inch of draw should work out just right. Now, you see, with the minus ten peg maxed out length of pull wise, anything short of the stop being to the maximum plus (+) setting and there is NO valley. And, yes, I had thought I should go with a longer ATA bow, but then it wouldn't have been a Martin, and you folks sold me on getting a Martin! Plus, this Cougar is as much a training devise that won't bore me to death as it is a bow, for now; it's fun for both.
The ICS 340s, I know, will be the correct spine as I bring the draw weight up over time, why I chose them. I had a few 2219s left from years ago, but feared they might shoot plumb through the ton straw bales I have as a backstop and kill a horse or something on the other side.