I know it's not a Martin so take it easy on me.
Been looking at the Anarchy since it came out but the price has kept me just looking. I got a killer deal on a new, in box 2011 so I bought it. The 11,12, and 13 all have the same specs and are currently selling for $899 everywhere so when I seen it for $430 shipped I jumped. Wanted to try a 35" ata, prefer split limbs, curious about the roller cable guard/slide, single cam, and figured why not. Gotta say so far I like it. Put my favorites on it, HHA 5510, Ripcord, and a Fuse Axium stab. I can tell you this thing is fast, quiet, light and well balanced. The draw is not as smooth as my Ridge Hunter but fairly close, the Bear has a slight "hump" where the Ridge Hunter doesn't. Got it sighted at 20 before it got dark and no disappointments in accuracy. It does however bury half the arrow in the targets.