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    Got to thinking (you guys better run). There are so many ways to aim. The absolute best way of aiming to make things fit you. Holding the bow as in proper grip and the peep just so. To me the best way is to pick up the bow and shoot right through the sights (peep and pin). And then aim real precise, center the pin just so, pin on the target and look at the target and shoot. More than likely the arrow will be off and can off up or down or side to side. So something is off. Move it! And perhaps take time inbetween doing this as not to get caught up wanting such perfection, if perfection is the proper word to use.

    One of my practice routines for hunting is first shot kill. Yep, just cold, no warm ups and drill what I want to hit with the first shot. I won't shoot another arrow for maybe a hour or more and try again as I want that first shot to be as close to that of taking perhaps the only shot I'll get at a deer.

    I believe in the target my main focal point and letting the pin move in to make a picture. Picture made I got into shot execution mode. The picture might have the pin float, but at the shot the arrow hits right where it's suppose to.

    Sights all correct you can hit just about anything at any distance, just adjust to how you aim. I care whether it's centering the pin in the bull's eye or stacking the pin and wanted point of impact.

    When I shot Field I stacked the pin and bull's eye to make a figure "8." I did good.

    One of the top senior spot Pros told me he lets the pin settle in the bottom of the bull's eye on the 5 spot and set in the bottom of the 9 ring on the Vegas face. We were shooting the Vegas face and saw that he used a fairly larget dot, not gigantic, but looked bigger than 1/8".

    We were playing around at the shop a while back. Pin point shooting was what we doing. D.H. (dummy) took aim on a target pin and drilled it. The target pin was a really long thin screw with Phillips head. He drove the screw so deep in the target bale we couldn't reach it. And the point of his glue-in parabolic point was a perfect fit for a Phillips head screw.

    Beings "we didn't want to drive any more target pins into the bales we went for a dot made by a felt tip marker, maybe a hair over 1/8" diameter. Not overly big for 20 yards. Beings I was first up I had already set my pin so my arrow hit right on top the pin at 20 yards. So a bunch of spectators and the bets were on. It was one shot and one shot only and I bore down with that I could, relaxed, pin just so and the arrow was gone. The dot was gone and only my arrow sticking out of the white paper.

    Did this with my Shadowcat a while back. Picture is of stacking pin and wanted point of impact for a figure "8." 20 yards I think, maybe more. Holes are soft plastic tubes to hold center in the Rinehart target bodies.
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    Sonny, nice.
    For me..
    I predraw on the target, paper or 3-D, as I draw the bow back. I settle into my anchor, find my gap and line the center of my shaft up with the center of the spot.
    Relax and let the string slide off my fingers, my hand stays locked on my face. I don't have one of thoses funky looking releases when I loose the arrow, you know the type when you see the hand come back and touch the shoulder. I have a dead release, bow arm and hand on face until I hear or see the arrow hit the spot.
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