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Thread: Aimed at Traditional shooters

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Aimed at Traditional shooters

    I R at odds with the ASA distances for 3D Traditional shooters, 20 yards maximum....Maybe because I know some dang good stick bow and recurve shooters.

    B.O. is one the finest recurve bow shooters I know. From the Traditional stake he has turned in scores rivaling those of Bow Hunter Free style! And he really loves Field.
    S.S. and his son, TD. are also quite good. I talked them in to shooting one of the last IAA 3D Championships and they finished 2nd and 3rd.

    Our club set stakes for Traditional shooters with a max of 35 yards on large target, Elk and Caribou and all of targets maybe as close as 15 yards and farther. I've seen large deer targets set to 30 yards.

    2011 ASA State Championship. I was grouped with 2 Traditional shooters. Me with a 40 yard max and them with a 20 yard max, I suggested we forego the rotation order and shoot first and them rotate. Why walk up and walk back for me was my thinking. And beings it was also raining made for better going if we did.
    20 yards Max! Lord! When I stood right behind them it seemed like we were right on top the target. Heck, a little more and I could reach out with my 30" Cartel Stab and touch the targets....Well, it seemed that way.

    As a kid I can remember shooting squirrels from 20 yards with my Fred Bear 60" recurve, rated 40 pounds at 28" of draw. In some cases I thought 20 yards a piece of cake. I even lobbed some my fiberglass fishing arrow that far at some the huge carp in the nearby creek and I got my share.

    And then I grew up with American Sportsman and there was Fred Bear shooting pheasants on the fly. We didn't have pheasants, but we had ducks on the creek. My first trying at flying ducks resulted in tail feathers and I got serious after that. I got a few and 20 yards was easily the distance if not more.

    So, all you Traditional shooters speak up. What do you think max distance should be for 3D? Especially, for those who would shoot the upper ranks of 3D, State and National level.

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    i shoot 3d in australia. our association 3DAAA, generally follows IBO rules.
    now while i usually shoot women's barebow compound, my division shoots from the same peg as recurve unaided and traditional.
    maximum unmarked at 27.4m/ 30yards.

    on the easter weekend i attended the north albert traditional rendezvous in queensland australia.
    it was 3d loosely based on our 3daaa rules.
    same 10 8 5 scoring. unmarked maximum 30 yards for all adults.
    recurves and longbows, timbers with feathers, no stabilisers, sights or machanical rests.
    a few shots from elevated platforms, kneeling to shoot through tyres.
    a 5 station running target, speed round and bow bird/ flying discs for flu flus

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Aimed at Traditional shooters

    Thank you, Minnie. Just what I'm looking for.

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    While I do use a compound bow, I shoot traditional style with it. And yeah I know my arrow flight is more lvl at the 20-30 yard than a trad/recuv bow (most anyways) but IMO, 20y is too short for that lvl of competition. Competition at our local archery club for trads was up to 35m (yeah thats right I did it, I went metric!) and that was only because that was the max range the gym we did it in allowed. Trust me you don't compete in January outdoors in Canada

    I'm with you Sonny, lets see them raise that bar!
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Aimed at Traditional shooters

    thank you, Durandal

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