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Thread: 2012 Cougar with Accu Trak cam?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by bfisher View Post
    From what I understand KM is an outlet store for leftovers and such so what AS said is probably correct. They made up some bows with leftover AcuTrack cams to use them up. If at $285 then that's an exceptional buy.

    it's part of martin........from what i've heard from a pretty good source, it's in the same building as Martin.

    Wish I had gotten this earlier today. I was on the phone with Carley and could have asked her and know for sure.

    I had a member on here a couple of weeks ago, mention it to me. He was having issues with this bow, km archery purchase. But he was telling me some of the issues when the topic of KM archery came up. I think someone told him at martin what the deal is with KM.
    I'm just going on what he said.
    Pretty much, the same deal that Darton does with there leftovers from the previous year.
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