Hello, new to the forum here. I've lurked for a while, spending most of my time on another well known forum. I've been shooting and modifying Martins for the last 10 years. Currently have 4 gen 1 Onzas (machined variety) in the stable.

1. Gold plated special edition - currently has Nitrous cams with shoot thru and elite limbs for 3-D.
2. Chrome plated spec edition - Z cams with custom shoot thru harness for indoor
3. Freshly dipped Predator 3-d - Has Nitro 1.5 cams for my hunting rig - 62# / 368 gr arrow - 302 FPS
4. Project dangerous game - Looking to add Nitro 1.5 or Hybrix cams (if I can find some) and will max out at 87 lbs.

Love the riser design and they get comments every time at the range.