I know this has been covered before but I need help with this before I pack it in on this bow.

Bought a 2012 Pantera 70# version. When I got it it had been repositioned to the -10 post. This was fine as 60# max is great. I am trying to get my DL set and draw stop set and having no luck. I try different module positions and cannot feel wall of module and feel like I am overdrawing. An inspection on the cable shows it is contacting the axle I believe. I have tried different positions and draw stop locations and cannot get it to adjust without contacting cable and axle. I am about ready to list this for sale for a great price for someone if I can't get it set.


My DL is 28.5" and it is at -10 peg setting it at 60# max(70 limbs)

Where should I start with this? What module setting? Location of draw stop? I need to get back in the ball park on it cause right now I am totally confused and dont want to screw with it anymore