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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Phone thing question

    So I got this email today and I wasn't really in the mood, like bad attitude. It was from Archery Time, whatever that is. Anyway, the letter was a yard long and spouting of accessing everything real quick on your computer or Iphone or whatever phone. I guess archery news, scores, live scores, who's who and archery equipment of every kind.
    And then a bit later I get another saying they made a error and gave a quick access with a call name and password. I'd say bit pushy.

    So this person up and took "swing" at me stating technology today had more than half the people attending a 3D event in "my area" carrying one of those phones that can access everything. So I accepted his challenge and asking if he was making a bet and that I'd take it. He has not responded

    Personally, retired, fixed income, I'm not spending money for some toy to play with and especially to play with when I'm at a 3D to compete. And besides, I'm on Dial Up and quick access to the internet is like click on and go get me a cup of coffee or a diet something drink. Facebook! 15 minutes just to get loaded up so I can do anything! I know DH has one of them phones and CS has one, but he doesn't do archery.

    So the question;
    How many have one the phones that access whatever and whenever?

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    I do and the only good thing I can say about it is, I use mine as a "tether" for my dial-up. Much faster than the old land lines we have out here. Other than that, I hate new "smart phones". My first cell was an old Kyocera that would make, and receive calls. No camera, no text, nothing else. You know, the things a PHONE was meant to do. lol
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    Iphone 4s here.
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    hTc EVO 4G for me! Why think when your phone can do it for you right? Technology is crazy these days! I pretty much use my phone to keep up with emails for work because I am in and out of the office all day. I don't have a bazillion apps.
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    No high tech phone here, just an cordless house phone that I MAY awnser, but you can leave a message.
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    I am writing this on my phone. When there is service it is sooooo much faster then the computer. I just wish I could load pics directly.
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Phone thing question

    Okay... Could you elaborate some, like in regards to archery scores, archery items, archery related searches? And do you use them while shooting or just shooting the breeze at a club?

    And not forgetting, phones and the such are supposed to be shut off during sanctioned events. Club events I suppose is okay, but I sure got perturbed with one of my friends. That dang phone of his was always ringing.

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