So the other day, I take my scepter out(black carbon finish, same for limbs) and start cleaning it, waxing the string etc... So it's sitting there and I'm looking at it. Suddenly I don't just see a bow but a canvas.
Keep in mind, theatrics aren't my thing. So this is a bit off the beaten path for me, I tend to prefer things simple, elegant. Back to the point. I shoot my bow pretty bare. A simple prong rest, a short stab and a wrist strap. So without a sight, quiver, large stab etc... there are a lot of unused threads. I started picturing some simple (and as lightweight as possible), coverings for the riser. The way I pictured it, they would fit right in the cut outs of the riser. You could strap those on, add wtvr design you might want. A bit like the kind of thing you might see on a harley and such.

Completely impractical I know but damn, that could really bring the "growl" out of our martins.