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Thread: First time 3D shooter

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    Looks like you and your son had some fun, a tip to help with yardages any time your out an about pick a tree or mail box judge your yardage then pace it off I like to do look at it then pick a spot half way then double it

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    Default First time 3D shooter

    Quote Originally Posted by bfisher View Post
    To be honest most of our local club shoots seem to cater to the masses, that being bowhunters who shoot 3D. They understand that target shooters are a minority. Most of the guys just want to get out and shoot their bows and socialize. To that end most keep shots within 40 yards with an occasional 45 yarder. Then there are seniors like me who don't have to shoot over 35 yards, although I do on occasion just so I don't go brain dead. Then there's a 25 yard max stake for traditional, women, and kids.

    This is why I like shooting local instead of all the IBO and ASA sanctioned shoots. The rules aren't so stupid, yardages are in the realm of reality, and people are having fun shooting---not sitting around on chairs waiting to do so. And it's more of a shoot-what-ya-brung attitude. Of course league shoots are different, but still not as infuriating as the big money shoots. And league shoots are open to the public anyway.
    Most clubs around my area are something of the same for distance, around 40 yards and 45 yards being the maximum and a occasional 50 yards for big targets, Elk and Caribou.

    Now, this conicides with NFAA and ASA, max distance of 45 yards. ASA does have a Known 50 yard class and as well as a Known 45 yard class. To go with this, the ASA's smallest targets are the Coyote and Javalina and the largest the HD deer - all McKenzie targets. Them scoundrels, the NFAA and IBO, have them #$%^&#@ turkeys.

    The NFAA has never regulated yardage for Adults, men or women (all same stake). Yep, 45 yards whether your 20 years old or whether you're 80 years old.

    The ASA has 40 yards max for us of some age, 55 years old and older. Personally, I don't care if they had 50 yards.

    Actually, rules are pretty similiar up to a point. I think the IBO has closed the gap, removed limits on binocular power, fletchings, points. Adult speed limits; IBO, none. NFAA, 300 fps. ASA, 280 fps for classes of 40 yards and less and 290 fps for classes of 45 yards and more.
    The odd ball class is of the ASA. Unlimited. Unlimited is basically a Open class equipment bow, but fixed pins with magnification.

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