Shot the Black Diamond Archery 3D today. Nice weather, a bit cool, but walking and shooting was more than enough to keep you warm and I stripped down to a t-shirt. My sidekicks didn't show so I shot in between groups, one having too many as it was and other a family group.
Black Diamond does set some targets, 40 counters and this time they had a "pick 2 of 4" all Rinehart Catalina goats and "pick 3 of 5" all Rinehart turkeys. First time I've ever shot 3 turkeys in a row and shot 10s on all of them! Mercy! And the last target, a steel coon or a Rinehart coon. The steel coon was almost the same color as the target bale used for a stopper. I almost went for it, but one look at full draw I backed off and went for the Rinehart coon. Got to thinking and messed up shooting a 8.
3 longest targets were a bedded Elk (50 yards), a Caribou (42 yards) and a Mule deer (45 yards). The Caribou was set right out in the open and freaky was judging it. We that thought we had it nailed for distance shot high 5s. Elk and Mule were a piece of cake.

We really didn't mess around shooting the course. We started a little after 9:00 am and done by 11:45 am.

So I ended with a 385/400 (again, 40 targets). Black Diamond doesn't count 12s or X rings. So pretty descent score, but like the PSE Semi Pro in the group in head of me, I didn't turn in my score card.
Black Diamond shoots both Saturday and Sunday scores won't be posted until way later.
I believe it was said they had 62 shooters just today.

And the club had their chronograph set up. My MarXman's draw weight is either a shade more 55 pounds or a shade less that 56 pounds, so take your pick. The draw length is a measured 28 1/4". The Muddy Outdoors Virtue HT3 weight 322 grs.
Velocity check was 284.5 fps..... So I think great.